Woman Award 2010

Assoc. Prof. Ruth Ladenstein, MD, MBA, cPM, won the first place “Woman Award 2010” in the category “Technology & Research” which took place at the eighth time at the Viennese business club k47.


Ruth Ladenstein, MD, is president of SIOP Europe (the European Society for Paediatric Oncology), senior physician at the St. Anna Children's Hospital and head of the Clinical Trial Unit for Studies & Statistics for Integrated Research & Projects (S²IRP). The latter is an important link between the Children’s Cancer Research Institute’s laboratory research activities and the clinical application of trials at the St. Anna Children’s Hospital.

The award of the Austrian fashion and life style magazine Woman honours the outstanding performance of Ruth Ladenstein, MD, for her success in establishing an EU funded “Network of Excellence” called ENCCA. By promoting innovative methodology and designs for clinical trials and developing innovative therapy strategies, this European Network for Cancer Research in Children and Adolescents is a milestone to improve future prospects for children and adolescents with cancer. To achieve high success in the battle against paediatric cancers, a strong alliance based on politics, industry and the academic community is required.